Leading from the ground…

Colonel Tony Nadal shared these comments. He was a company commander in 1/7 CAV at LZ Xray and later Assistant S3 (Operations Officer):

“General Moore always led from the front. He always exposed himself to the same dangers that the soldiers were facing and always faced the same privations as his troops.

Where other commanders commanded from helicopters, General Moore led from the ground.  I recall flying with him to join a recon element in contact with the enemy in order that he could quickly determine the nature and intensity of the enemy contact and, thereby, determine the appropriate response.  

Moore with RTO Sgt Dick Pierce and CPT Tony Nadal
Moore with SGT Dick Pierce (L) and CPT Tony Nadal (R) during the Bong Son fight.

As a Colonel he would on occasion join a rifle company on the assault.  

When other officers lived in buildings back at base camp he remained in a tent until the soldiers had barracks.

Please sign the petitions to rename Fort Benning and Fort Rucker

Whether you like the idea or not, federal law requires all bases named for Confederates be renamed.
Let’s help them make the right choice for Fort Benning and Fort Davis!
Beyond the individual contributions of Hal Moore, renaming Fort Benning also recognizes the equally important contributions of the military spouse and family.
His many accomplishments make General Davis deserving of this honor – even more so when you see how he had to overcome crushing prejudice to achieve greatness.

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