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The best way to help is to contact your members of Congress and assure them that the Naming Commission made the correct choice.

Send/cut/paste the following simple email to your representatives:

I fully agree with the Naming Commission’s recommendation to rename Fort Benning to Fort Moore. It is time to honor the service of the military spouse and family. I ask you to support the recommendation.

Hal Moore fought as Infantry in Korea, Cavalry in Vietnam, and was a paratrooper. As such, he symbolizes the warfighting component of Fort Benning. Julie Moore’s name would represent the Army family and the sacrifices made to support those who volunteer to defend our nation.

As a unique “command team,” Hal and Julie Moore exemplified an extraordinary combination of courage, fighting spirit, and devotion to the welfare of those who serve this Nation and their families

Dave Moore represents the family on the Fort Moore initiative. If you have questions about Fort Moore or want to know more about the proposal, use the button below to send him an email. 

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